Sunday, June 13, 2010

With Extra Pulp

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With Extra Pulp


With Extra Pulp began when I noticed most of my friends' eyes glaze over whenever I tried to tel them about all the books I'd been reading. So I decided to blog about them instead. The books, not the friends...although they're sometimes in there as well.

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Australian fiction, small publishers, short fiction, cult books, beat generation books



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  1. My name is Dorothy Johnston. I am an Australian author who has had eight novels published and I'm writing to ask if you would consider reviewing my short story collection on your blog.
    The stories in Eight Pieces On Prostitution span the whole of my writing life and include my first published story, ‘The Man Who Liked to Come with the News’. My first novel, ‘Tunnel Vision’, is set in a Melbourne massage parlour, and I have continued to return to the subject of prostitution in my novels and short stories, notably in ‘The House at Number 10′ and in this collection. ‘Where the Ladders Start’ is a long story, almost a novella, based around a suspicious death. Many of the stories are set in Canberra, where I lived for thirty years. Once Australia’s national capital gained self government, it pioneered the de-criminalisation of prostitution.
    My email address is
    If you are interested, please let me know how to send you the short stories.

    Thank you and best wishes.